Community Focus on College and Career Readiness/PaCE Framework Action Team

Objective: Cultivate a community focus on college and career readiness

Framing Question

What is our plan to ensure that all high school communities offer college and career activities aligned with the PaCE Framework and On PaCE to Thrive community guide?


30 Day Outcomes

  • Develop draft template for use in building community structure to implement the PaCE Framework
  • Submit template draft to the action team for input and comment
  • Finalize administrator academy approval with ISBE


2018 Outcomes

  • Template for communities to use who don't have a local PaCE Framework
  • Survey of districts about engagement with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors
  • Meeting to share ideas for PaCE implementation
  • Identification of champions for the PaCE Framework communities
  • Record of contacts with community stakeholders through social media, student champions, peer-to-peer outreach, webinars, and short videos
  • Complete at least three administrator academy train the trainer sessions across the state