Birth to 3rd Grade Action Team

Goal: Collaborate with ongoing activities at state and regional levels that improve preparation of children from birth to grade 3 for success in school, family, and community life and to design initiatives that address unmet needs identified through research.

Framing Question

What steps are needed to establish pilot programs to collect data on, implement prevention activities, and then address chronic absenteeism?


30 Day Outcomes

  • Complete data review for disaggregated groups/programs
  • Finalize attendance survey report and share results
  • Prepare 2 sided flyer
    • Importance of preschool
    • Importance of good attendance in preschool
  • Create dissemination plan - conferences, newsletters, etc.


February 2018 Outcomes

  • Connection with current truancy prevention/at-risk student associations and initiatives to
    • Build their awareness of importance of Pre-K
    • Request that they work with preschool teachers as well as K-12
    • Review the attendance of preschool siblings of students already on their caseload
  • Collect more information on
    • Early warning systems in place
    • Availability of statewide attendance data from Preschool for All and Preschool Expansion grants