About the Network

In June 2014, Northern Illinois University (NIU) convened a small group of community college presidents, superintendents, and key state leaders to explore establishing a Northern Illinois P-20 Network. The purpose of the network is to improve college and career success for our students through regional collaboration.

The Northern Illinois P-20 Network supports the activities of the Illinois P-20 Council. The council's primary goal is to increase the proportion of Illinoisans with high-quality degrees and credentials to 60% by 2025.

Initially funded by a grant from the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the Northern Illinois P-20 Network is facilitated by the Center for P-20 Engagement at Northern Illinois University as part of its college readiness activities. 

Since its inception, executives from P-20 Network community colleges, school districts, and education organizations the primary 60% by 2025 goal. While the number and focus of the work groups has evolved, their original function as professional think tanks and thought leaders who can accomplish change has remained constant. 

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Amy Jo Clemens
Center for P-20 Engagement