Innovative Technologies


Through innovative use of information technologies, the division provides services and infrastructure to support communication, education, and training and foster regional and global learning communities. We specialize in offering audio, video, and web-based collaboration tools to municipalities, schools, hospitals, businesses, and research institutions.



Planning and implementation of a 2200 mile, high-speed broadband network across the northern Illinois region.


WNIU/WNIJ Public Radio

Inspiring and informing adults in northern Illinois with programs that share ideas, encourage thought, and create community.

Broadband Development Group

Broadband Development Group

Providing broadband connectivity solutions to clients and partners in Illinois.

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center

Illinois Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (ILHITREC)

Leading the transformation of medical records to electronic formats for primary care providers.

Illinois Interactive Report Card

Illinois Report Card
(formerly IIRC)

Informing educators and the public about school performance with Illinois' official online report card and school improvement site.

NIU eLearning Services

eLearning Services

Consulting in design, development, management, utilization, and evaluation of online education to NIU and global partners.

NIU Digital Convergence Lab

Digital Convergence Lab

Bringing people together to explore and develop interactive digital media through experiential learning, interdisciplinary research, and community outreach.