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Helping nonprofits serve the community.

Nonprofits are more necessary than ever during the time of COVID. We know community needs are high and revenues are not always available to meet those needs. You may be applying for special funding opportunities or struggling to reimagine your fundraising efforts.

We’re here to help. 40TUDE Nonprofit offers your nonprofit meaningful support at no cost.

Our Advisors

40TUDE NONPROFIT will be advised by the DeKalb County COVID-19 Response Fund Committee and the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership.

Our Services

The Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies and a team of Northern Illinois University students will provide support in four key areas.

  • Data collection and analysis – Are you applying for special funding opportunities that require evaluations and impact data? Our experienced faculty members will guide student teams to collect and analyze the data you need.
  • Fundraising – Let us work with you to reimagine fundraising with creative ideas that don’t rely on in-person events.
  • Communications and advocacy – We’ll help you break through the crowded communications landscape with creative and targeted messaging.
  • Volunteer services – Apply the latest health and safety guidelines to protect your volunteers and the individuals you serve.

Your process and eligibility

If you are a nonprofit organization in northern Illinois, you’re eligible! We encourage you to submit your project to us for review. You may submit one or more projects. Projects will be selected based on the scope of work and the available expertise and time of the teams.

Meet the Team

Alicia Schatteman, Ph.D. (aschatteman@niu.edu) – 40TUDE Nonprofit project coordinator/student team manager
Chad Glover (cglover@niu.edu) – grant management and student employment liaison
Jennifer Groce (jgroce@niu.edu) – 40TUDE project manager
Ben Bingle (ben@dekalbccf.org) – DeKalb County COVID-19 Response Fund Committee and the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership liaison

Contact Us

Jennifer Groce
Director of Community Promotion
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