Outstanding Service Award

Lynne Meyer

Office Support Specialist, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures

Lynne Meyer

Lynne Meyer is more than someone who handles regular secretarial work.

She’s more than the problem-solver who supervises work-study, manages student evaluations, coordinates the new STAMP testing program, organizes the annual awards ceremony and runs departmental elections. She’s more than the department’s “backbone” and its human encyclopedia of university procedures and policies.

Meyer is also a compassionate “caregiver.”

“In her pivotal role as the person students see first when they come into our department, she empowers students by treating them with respect,” said Gregory T. Ross, Ph.D. coordinator in the Foreign Language Residence Program, “and assists them in their journey toward realizing not only their academic goals – but as young adults discovering the myriad facets of their personality.”

An NIU employee since 1993, Meyer is known as friendly, courteous and professional. She’s also regarded as “a self-starter” who’s “cheerfully and faithfully” taken on the responsibilities of two former colleagues in the front office.

“We cannot stress enough how valuable she is,” agreed Chair Katharina Barbe and James Byrd, an instructor of Spanish, “and how wonderful her contributions have been and will continue to be. She is the face of the department.”

Outside of work, Meyer has participated in the Relay for Life for 15 years, serving as co-captain (with NIU professor Mary Cozad) or the department’s team: The Profe’s Posse. Never missing the annual American Cancer Society event, for which she has raised more than $1,000, Meyer often addresses the crowd, walks the track and recruits others to the cause.