Outstanding Service Award

Kathy Zuidema

Employee Relations Specialist, Career Servies

Kathy Zuidema

Kathy Zuidema is a champion for NIU students.

The Career Services employer relations specialist consistently exhibits an “impassioned level of concern” for students, and not just for those who visit Career Services.

In March 2014, Zuidema founded the Huskies Student Food Pantry after realizing that many NIU students who don’t have a meal plan and don’t qualify for food assistance programs go hungry. Since opening, the pantry has served more than 1,000 NIU students.

“Kathy is the type of employee that everyone wants, not just because she is dependable, timely and hard working, but because she is always in a continuous improvement mindset,” said Cindy Henderson, executive director of Career Services.

Colleagues laud her for her altruism, professionalism, enthusiasm, and consistent student-centered approach.

“Kathy is the kind of colleague you want to serve as a model for an inclusive community,” said Brandon Lagana, director of strategic planning and analysis at Career Services. “She cares deeply about the department, division and NIU; she conducts her work in ways which uplift the spirit of all of those around her; and she is open to new ideas, suggestions for improvement and embraces change.”