Outstanding Service Award

Amy Deegan

Office Support Specialist, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center

Amy DeeganMention Amy Deegan's name, and for those who know her, it's hard not to immediately think of her profound love for dogs - Newfoundlands, especially.

She supports animal rescue groups, meets regularly with other Newfoundland owners and was among those who assisted the therapy dogs on campus after Feb. 14, 2008, and their return in 2009.

That passion for four- and two-letted friends is equaled by her devotion to the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center, where she has worked since 2000.

Beyond her single-handed management of all routine office tasks, Deegan handles registration for the center's frequent training programs that enroll thousands of participants annually - numbers that have quadrupled since her arrival.

Annual training for new faculty and graduate assistants puts Deegan on the welcoming committee, always giving a friendly impression of campus. On days of major programs, she comes in early, works through lunch and leaves late.

Colleagues and clients applaud her "infectious enthusiasm and excitement" as she patiently answers questions and provides more information on workshops or other center functions.

She happily goes "above and beyond," even if it means climbing the three flights of stairs back to her office after she's already bugun the afternoon walk to her car.

"Amy has received numerous offers from other units at NIU," says boss Murali Krishnamurthi, associate provost for Academic Technologies and Faculty Development, "but she declined those offers to remain in her current position because of her loyalty to Faculty Development and her enthusiasm for helping faculty, staff and teaching assistants."