Outstanding Service Award

Lincoln Fox

Chief Instructional Media Systems Engineer, Department of Media Services

As NIU's emphasis on technology-aided learning has risen dramatically during recent years, so has the expertise of Lincoln Fox.

Fox "has become the driving force in design, installment and user-friendly functionality of these increasingly complex and sophisticated systems," says Frederick Schwantes, vice provost for Special Projects.

"When the university needed an on-site expert to vet the ideas, translate the lingo and put into actual operation the input of our faculty and administrators about their vision of high-tech Cole Hall classrooms during their discussions with outside media consultants, it was Linc Fox to whom we turned," Schwantes adds, "and, without exaggeration, he made it happen."

In support of the Provost-sponsored Smart Classroom Initiative, Fox and his four technicians handle 113 rooms in 20 buildings as well as more than 60 mediated classrooms.

Fox also researches, learns and implements new ways to make the mediated classrooms easier to use for the faculty; among those helpful discoveries were computerized control boxes that also dramatically reduce troubleshooting time because they provide remote access to Fox and his crew.

Last year, Fox completed coursework and projects to become a Crestron-certified programmer, a skill critical to sustaining and growing NIU's smart classrooms. Several departments across campus, including Intercollegiate Athletics, want to share such technology.

He also earned a "University Friends of CAAR" award for installing and training users of closed-captioning devices that assist students with hearing impairments.

Outside of work, he volunteers his audio-technical skills to his church, local musicians and the Sycamore Pumpkin Fest parade.

Lincoln Fox