Outstanding Service Award

Angie Euhus

Assistant to the Chair, Department of Management

Angela Euhus made an extraordinary choice to work at a school when she joined the university 27 years ago.

Her response is consistently positive whenever faced with issues not easily resolved: "You know I like to learn new things."

"Her attitude is always, always, always 'How can I help you?' " said Sarah J. Marsh, chair of the Department of Management. "In the rare circumstances when she doesn't know the answer, she takes the challenge on with energy and enthusiasm. She digs and digs and digs until she gets the answer she needs, and then closes the loop by sharing that information with relevant parties."

"Angie will drop what she is doing," added management professor Lynn Neeley, "telephone a few people and, remarkably, the problem will be solved."

Praised for her commitment, speed, accuracy and efficiency, Euhus is the "go-to" person for all matters administrative. She's also known for her compassion, recently attending grief counseling with colleagues and friends who lost husbands and coming to the aid of a Barsema Hall custodian with turmoil in her family life.

She's a Move-In Day fixture and a frequent face at College of Business events, including the annual Hot Dog Day. Away from work, she has served on the board of directors for the Children's Learning Center, has taught Sunday School, has led several parent-teacher organizations in DeKalb and planned Post Prom for DeKalb High School.

"Angie possesses the qualities most organizations would pay any amount of money to find in their employees," professor Stephanie Henagan said, "including dependability, conscientiousness and a positive attitude."

Angie Euhus