Outstanding Service Award

Margie Foshe

Margie FosheNIU’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is home to half of the university’s faculty, half of its instructors, three-fourths of its principal investigators with grants and several members of the Operating and Supportive Professional staffs.
Yet only one person processed all this personnel paperwork: Margie Foshe.

“Despite the high volume of work and the aggravating fluidity of our appointments, Margie’s paperwork is always done properly, done accurately and done on time,” said Joseph Grush, acting dean of NIU’s largest college.

A 30-year employee now working in the Provost’s Office, Foshe is known for her efficiency, effectiveness, sense of humor and creative solutions to novel problems.

She created the college’s comprehensive personnel handbook for department chairs and head secretaries, developed training workshops for secretaries and designed spreadsheets to assist with merit-based salary calculations.

“Margie stands head and shoulders above others in her never-ending effort to make everyone else better,” Grush said.

Off campus, Foshe served 10 years on the village board in Lee, where she helped to organize the town’s 125th anniversary celebration and launch “Bingo in Lee,” and where she volunteers for a friend in need.

“An Outstanding Service Award wouldn’t come close to recognizing and rewarding her for all she does for this university,” said David J. Buller, chair of the Department of Philosophy, “but it would be a good start.”