Outstanding Service Award

Photo of Jodi Tyrrell

Jodi Tyrrell

Jodi Tyrrell began her NIU career in 1977 as a member of the “steno pool” – a trainee program that provided clerical assistance to offices throughout the university – and began her swim upstream to become manager of operating staff services.

An expert in the state employment system, she often works with the State Merit Board to update the system’s testing and registration portion. She also has developed new testing procedures, expedited referral procedures, enhanced recruitment and position notification processes and made other quality assurance initiatives for civil service employees.

“Jodi was my right-hand person during her climb up the civil service promotion ladder, and I can speak to her unrelenting dedication and concern,” said Dale Jurs, her supervisor for nearly a decade before her retirement last year. “Jodi not only performs her daily responsibilities in an exemplary fashion, she always reaches out to assist above and beyond the scope of her position.”

She also has demonstrated a high level of service and interest in the university’s system of shared governance and the Operating Staff Council, representing Human Resource Services.

Her interest in serving others extends beyond the NIU campus.

A cancer survivor, Tyrrell serves on the DeKalb County American Cancer Society’s Board of Directors and is the founder and regional coordinator for the annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life, which draws several hundred participants.

“Jodi has a special place in her heart for others faced with this challenge,” Jurs said. “She always makes time in her busy schedule to counsel, support and encourage people who are in the throes of this disease.”