2012 Exhibitions

The Arts Converge

September 4 - October 12

Contemporary Transformations of Asian Musical Traditions with Visual and Performance Art.

This exhibition presents work that creatively use traditional asian music or cultural soundscapes. The artists reference Indian, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, and Japanese traditions among others, and their works range from video art and animation to two-demensional paintings, laser cut wood compositions, installations, and performance collaborations.

Curated by Helen Nagata.



Annual Juried Blick Art Materials Ars Nova Exhibition

March 22 - April 12

Juried exhibition of work by current NIU School of Art graduate and undergraduate students sponsored by Blick Art Materials.

View Photo Gallery of the Exhibition and Opening



Plamen Yordanov: Indigenous Memories

January 19 - March 2

Plamen Yordanov explores cast and liquid paper as an expressive medium in Indiginous Memories, a decidedly monochromatic and austere body of work.


View Photo Gallery of the Exhibition and Opening