2010 Exhibitions

Annual Juried Graduate Show

November 29 - December 9

Annual juried exhibition of work created by current NIU School of Art graduate students.

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Contemporary Polish Poster in Context

October 7 - October 22

Artists: Bogna Otto and Jakub Stepien

Curator: Ola Giza

The Polish poster, alongside the Swiss poster holds a paramount place in the contemporary history of the arts. It flourished, especially in the ears of 1956-1963, known as the period of the Polish Poster School. Bogna Otto and Jakub Stepien are some of the most interesting poster artists on the scene of contemporary polish design.

'Writ Deep: Craft and the Embedded Word'

August 30 - September 23

Artists: Michael Dinges, Michael Genovese, Carol Jackson and Rebecca Ringquist
Curator: Shannon Stratton

Rather than looking to the history of language art, Writ Deep is an exploration of the relationship between craft and text as a unique affinity between forms. Where the use of text in art has historically been to push the boundaries of the field – including operating as an anti-art form or advocating for an anti-aesthetic – text and craft share a longer history where text is anything but anti-craft. More

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BFA 2010 exhibitionBFA Show

May 3 - 6  

Exhibition of work by NIU School of Art students receiving Bachelors in Fine Arts degrees with emphasis in ceramics, drawing, fiber, illustration, metalwork, and jewelry, painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and time arts.

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Annual Juried Blick Art Materials Ars Nova Exhibition

April 9 - April 23

Annual juried exhibition of work by current NIU School of Art undergraduate and graduate students, sponsored by Blick Art Materials.


Eggs bed 'Home'

February 19 - March 24

Artist:Gruerra de la Paz

Curator: Art Lab

The Jack Olson Gallery will serve as a public platform for ARTLab in Spring 2010, featuring experimental displays including 'Home', a collaborative installation coordinated by the artist-team Alain Guerra and NIU alumnus Neraldo de la Paz. Known collectively as Guerra de la Paz, or “War of the Peace,” these Cuban-born, Miami-based artists use discarded clothing to create lyrical yet sobering commentary on consumption, the environment, and social conflict.

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 Dream Homes; Portraits of Disbelief

January 15 - February 11

Artist: Kay Knight

Dream Homes; Portraits of Disbelief is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Milwaukee based artist Kay Knight. The works are based on 1950’s schematic drawings of house-like structures. Knight appropriates illustrations of middle class homes and incorporates vintage wallpaper. The work reflects on the contradictory and vulnerable times we live in.