Registering for Spring Orientation

How to Register

Registration will be available in early September 2018.

In order to attend orientation, you have to make your reservation online and pay the confirmation fee. The confirmation fee will confirm your admission to NIU and allow you to make your orientation reservation.

To register, log onto your MyNIU account. Once you're there, click on Student Center. You’ll find the “Orientation Sign-Up” icon at the bottom of the page.

Cost of Attendance and Paying the Confirmation Fee

All new students must pay the confirmation fee. You must pay the full amount when you register to confirm your admission to NIU, but to sign-up to attend an orientation date.

All participants are responsible for the information located in the Program Policies and Fees section and are expected to read and agree to these terms at the time of registering for orientation.

The confirmation fee is nonrefundable, so please be certain of your plans to attend NIU before paying this fee.

Once you’ve selected your orientation date and paid the fee, you’ll receive an e-mail from us within 48 hours of your payment confirming your payment and orientation date.  

Bringing Family Members and Guests?

When you register for your orientation, you’ll be asked to provide information for your guests. There is no charge for families to attend orientation if you’re starting classes in spring.

A few things to know about bring guests or family members to orientation:

  • Family Orientation is designed for parents and other adult family members. Information presented may not be appropriate for younger siblings or children.
  • Your guests and family members do not attend the advising portion of your orientation program. Only you attend this session. However, your guests and family will have an opportunity to meet with your college prior to the advising portion of the program.