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Family Connections Publications


Through our e-newsletters and semester magazine, our hope is to help you stay connected to NIU. The information shared is designed to be timely, informative and helpful.

The Family Connection Magazine

The Family Connection magazine is published each semester. The information shared is more in depth than in our e-newsletters and is designed to give families insight into specific resources/topics at NIU.

Most Recent Magazines

The Family Connection e-Newsletter

The Family Connection e-newsletter is the easiest way to stay informed with what’s happening at NIU. The e-newsletter is specially designed for the academic year of your student (freshmen, sophomore upperclassman). Our Family Connection e-newsletter is distributed monthly via our family listserv. If you fill out our “Staying Connected” form you will automatically receive our monthly newsletter, bi-annual magazine and special invitations and emails throughout the year.

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Recent e-Newsletters

The Family Connection Calendar

Our calendar is printed annually and given to families of new students. The information included in the calendar is designed to help families of new students keep track of important dates and deadlines.

Welcome Back Newsletters

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