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The Northern Prairie Alliance (NPA) is the chapter of the American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) for Northern Illinois University. The chapter was made an official student organization of Northern Illinois University on Sunday, 10 February 2014 when the senate voted in unanimous approval of Bill SAB45024. The NPA consists of nursing and pre-nursing students who seek to actively participate in campus and community events alike. Joining this organization is a great way for students to engage other nursing tracks outside the classroom and benefit from their camaraderie and knowledge. This student organization is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, one does not need to be male to join! AAMN Crest

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Northern Prairie Alliance is to advocate for nursing students, educate on issues that affect men in nursing, promote inclusion, and enrich the community through service.

Current Semester Meeting Dates

Due to the variety of schedules between the nursing tracks, an additional meeting will be held two days from the original meeting date to discuss the exact same events and affairs of the organization.

1st Meeting: January 26th [11 am - Noon] and January 28th [Noon - 1 pm]

2nd Meeting: February 16th [11 am - Noon] and February 18th [Noon - 1 pm]

3rd Meeting: March 16th [11 am - Noon] and March 18th [Noon - 1 pm]

4th Meeting: April 20th [11 am - Noon] and April 22nd [Noon - 1 pm]

Meetings are subject to rescheduling, and members will be contacted if needed.

Upcoming Events


Contact Us

For questions about joining, general inquiries, or to be added to our e-newsletter mailing list, e-mail aamn.npa@gmail.com