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Girls learns to solder at a STEM Camp

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February 23-24, 2019

Holmes Student Center, NIU campus in DeKalb, IL

Calling 9-12 graders who are curious how to harness the power of today's technology or desire to make positive change in their world. Our annual 24-hour hack challenges students to use their computer science, social activism and interface design knowhow to create solutions to pressing problems in their lives. The Huskie Hack welcomes students of all skill levels to join; this hack highlights interdisciplinary collaboration and teamwork.
  • Network with representatives from companies who hire coders.
  • Meet college students who study computer science and technology.
  • Compete for amazing prizes!

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Students will be organized into groups with mixed skill sets and interests: computer science, coding, interface design and social activism. Each student group will be assigned NIU student mentors to help guide their project. Experts and representatives from higher education and technology/computer science will be on hand to work with students throughout the 24 hours. At the end of the hack, prizes will be awarded to the best hacks of the day. There is a $25 fee that includes all food and workshops, as well as a Huskie Hack T-shirt!



Are you a college student who loves computer science, hacking, interface design or social activism? We’re looking for NIU students to be mini-project managers for our student hack groups. You’ll help guide the students in the planning and execution of their projects. This is a great opportunity to experience being a group leader and to share your passion and skills with younger students. We plan to pair each team of high school students with two mentors: one in social activism and one in computer science.



Are you a skilled professional or academic in a field related to either computer science or social activism? We are looking for academic and industry folks who are interested in lending their expertise to our young hackers. Join in a fun event that nurtures an encouraging culture around hacking. You'll set up shop in our expert corner and our student teams will seek experts based on listed skills to help troubleshoot when they reach a sticking point in their project. You can help with technical problems, frame questions and solutions, and enhance students’ communication skills. Experts will be available for students either the evening of February 23 or the morning of February 24. Experts do not have to participate for the full 24 hours of the hack but are welcome to stay the entire time if they are having fun!


Workshop Leader

Do you have a skill that you would like to share with a large group of hackers? We’re looking for experts to lead workshops on topics that apply to the work the student hackers will be doing during the hack or would be of general interest to a group of teen hackers. Please contact us at if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting our hackathon!

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