David Hedin

David HedinBoard of Trustees Professor
Department of Physics
(815) 753-6483 or (630) 840-8131

B.S., Southern Illinois University (1975)
Ph.D., University of Wisconsin (1980)
Research Associate, State University of New York-Stony Brook (1981-1986)
Professor, Northern Illinois University (1987-present)

Research Interests:

New particle searches, muon detection

I have been involved in experimental particle physics since 1976. I did thesis work on a number of neutral kaon experiments at Fermilab with a group of physicists from Wisconsin, Stanford, and Chicago. After receiving my Ph.D., I did my postdoctoral work at Stony Brook. My initial effort was on a Brookhaven neutrino experiment that investigated neutrino oscillations and weak neutral currents.

In 1982, I began working on a new experiment at the Fermilab collider that evolved into D0. D0 is a large (over 5,000 ton) general purpose experiment designed to be sensitive to all physics within reach of the 1.8 trillion electron volt energy available at Fermilab's collider. Over 400 physicists from over 50 institutions (and 11 countries) are members of this collaboration, which collected data from 1992-1996. In 1995, we (along with another Fermilab experiment, CDF) discovered the top quark, thought to be the heaviest of the fundamental particles making up our universe. More recently I have searched for third generation leptoquarks decaying into neutrinos and b quarks and bottom squarks decaying into the lightest supersymmetric particle and a b quark. Searches for new phenomena such as these channels and the Higgs particle will continue when D0 resumes data taking in 2001.

My primary responsibilities on D0 have been the muon system design, construction, and operation. I was the coordinator of the Muon identification group from 1985 to 1997. I recently coordinated the construction of scintillation counters that will be used to help trigger muons in future runs.

Selected Publications:

  • "Measurement of the Rate of Formation of pi-mu Atoms in K(L)X Decay," S. H. Aronson, R. H. Bernstein, R. D. Cousins, Jr., J. F. Greenhalgh, D. Hedin, M. Schwartz, G. B. Thomson, B. Winstein, PRL, 48, 1078 (1982).
  • "Measurement of the Ratio of Cross Sections for Neutrino and Antineutrino Scattering from Electrons," L. A. Ahrens, et al., PRL, 54, 18 (1985).
  • "Hadron Showers and Muon Trajectories in Thick Absorber from 25 GeV/c to 150 GeV/c," D. Green, H. Fenker, H. Hagerty, P. Martin, M. Takasaki, R. Yamada, S. Kunori, P Rapp, D. Owen, P Grannis, D. Hedin, NIM, A244, 356 (1986).
  • "Comparison of narrow-band and wide-band neutrino beams in the search for v(mu) to v(e) oscillations," L. A. Ahrens, et al., PRD, 36, 702 (1987).
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