Accelerator and Beam Physics Academic Program


The Department of Physics at Northern Illinois University offers courses and degree programs at the graduate level in the discipline of Accelerator and Beam Physics. Candidates for the degrees Master of Science in Physics and Doctor of Philosophy in Physics with an Accelerator and Beam Physics emphasis must meet the general requirements set forth by the Department of Physics for these degrees but are expected to take accelerator/beam-related course work as a major part of their electives.  

Courses offered

Elective coures presently offered at NIU that are relevant to the discipline of Accelerator and Beam Physics include:

  • PHYS 659 Special Problems (1-10 cr)
  • PHYS 673 Beam Physics I (3 cr)
  • PHYS 683 Beam Physics II (3 cr)
  • PHYS 790 - Special Topics in Physics (1-6 cr)

Additionally, students in the Accelerator and Beam Physics program often attend the U.S. Particle Accelerator School, held twice annually, which offers many higher-level graduate physics courses in the discipline.  NIU credit for participation in USPAS courses can be arranged through the Department of Physics with sufficient notice.