NIU Accelerator and Beam Physics Group


Northern Illinois University offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Physics with specialties in Accelerator and Beam Physics.  The Accelerator and Beam Physics faculty members -- also members of NICADD -- comprise a premier university accelerator physics program in the U.S., leveraging and enhancing the major accelerator research facilities at nearby Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL). The confluence of these two national facilities makes northern Illinois an ideal location for accelerator research and development. Faculty members collaborate with these two national laboratories and with colleagues around the world in high-priority accelerator projects and accelerator-driven experiments in a variety of disciplines.

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General areas of research

  • theory and experimental verification of fundamental charged particle beam dynamics
  • accelerator and beam line design and analysis
  • high performance beam physics computations
  • beam instrumentation and diagnostics




The discipline of accelerator physics uses tools from a wide range of specialties. Consequently, new tools for accelerator physics often become generally useful in other specialties. A subsidiary mission of the group is, therefore, to map new generic techniques developed for the study of nonequilibrium beams onto diverse problems in astrophysics, plasmas, fluids, and in engineering disciplines.