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WebSkills [Surfing, footnotes, web pages]


  1. * To bookmark a web page, adding it to your personal list of
    links, click on "bookmarks or favorites," then click on "add."
    To bookmark a web link. right-click, then click on "add." %
    [Lynx: type "a" to add a document or highlighted link, "v" to view.]
  2. To e-mail a web page or to send a web newcomer a copy of
    "Learn to surf within 10 minutes," go to the page and click on "file,"
    "mail or send," "attach (as text) or quote." [Lynx: type "p"]
  3. * To copy a portion of a web page to your word processor,
    block the text on the web page, then click on "edit" and "copy,"
    switch over to your processor, either by using the taskbar at the
    very bottom of the screen or by using ALT-TAB (hold ALT down
    and softly touch TAB, as needed, watching the destination box).
    Then click on "edit" and "paste." Also block and copy the page
    name, http line, article title, or date for identification or citation.
  4. To login at a web site and to protect your regular login and
    password, register with a consistent "web-only" username, perhaps
    fname (firstinitial-lastname), and a consistent "web-only" password.
  5. To keep your current bookmarks when switching computers,
    save your bookmark file. [Netscape: Click on "bookmarks," "go to
    bookmarks," "file," "save as," select drive A: for your disk,
    save the file named bookmark.htm with "OK" and "yes" to replace.
    To reinstall your file, click on "bookmarks," "go to bookmarks,"
    "file," "import," select bookmark.htm in drive A: and then "OK."]


  1. Bibliographic Formats for Citing Electronic Information
  2. MLA Bibliographic Style--A Brief Guide
  3. MLA-Style Citations of Electronic Resources
  4. The Columbia Guide to Online Style
  5. Citation Style for Internet Sources
  6. To online dictionaries and encyclopedias

Web pages

  1. A Beginner's Guide to HTML
  2. Create Your Own Web Page
  3. "How Users Read on the Web"
  4. Action-Links Clip Art Archives
  5. Doctor HTML (web page analysis)
  6. Web Site Garage (tune ups)
  7. Bobby (check pages for use with a talking computer)
  8. New... Increasing Your Web Traffic (promotion tips)
  9. Search Engine Watch (about monitoring home pages)
  10. eXTReMe Search Companion (report service)
  11. WiseWire (indexes to place on web sites)
  12. Rank This (checks for a web site by keywords) since 1996   ©azb January 2002