Jack still thinks Bill is great...
11:48 a.m. ET (1649 GMT) January 27, 1998

ROME Bill Clinton may be mired in a sex scandal that is threatening to sink his presidency but Jack Nicholson thinks he's still a great guy.

"I support (Clinton) and will always be on his side because he's someone who f++++,'' the legendary Hollywood Lothario told reporters in Rome, where he is promoting his new film, "As Good As It Gets.''

Nicholson, 60, said he was standing by Clinton as he had done Gary Hart, whose race for the White House was torpedoed in 1988 after revelations of a flamboyant extramarital affair.

Clinton Monday again angrily denied allegations that he had had an affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky and had encouraged her to lie about the relationship under oath.

Nicholson, who revels in his four-decades-old reputation as a Hollywood bad boy, has two children out of wedlock and readily admits to still loving beautiful women.

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