Clinton Wins Machismo Prize

BRASILIA — President Clinton's alleged affair with a former White House intern may have shocked U.S. public opinion, but to Brazil's self-declared macho men, he is a hero.

The Macho Movement of Minas Gerais state has named Clinton its man of the year in recognition of his alleged antics with Monica Lewinsky. Clinton has strongly denied he had sexual relations with the former White House intern.

"Over the past year, no-one has done as much as Bill Clinton to honor the traditions of machismo," said Luiz Mario Ladeira, president of the group which takes part in irreverent pre-Carnival parades in the city of Belo Horizonte.

"Any president involved in this kind of scandal in Brazil would see his approval ratings go up, not down," he said.

Clinton is the first non-Brazilian to win the award. A diploma is in the mail.

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