The English language can, sometimes, offer more than offensive words and cursings. In fact, when used properly, it can be used as a guiding tool to expressing oneself in a beautiful manner. To me, poetry is the most eloquent way to describe a feeling or an object or just about anything. That is why I've collected these poems below and compiled some of my own for all to see. While the Modern American Poetry is, at times, unstructured, I opt for a more flowing style in my writings. Poetry is not something to be hidden like a diary. No matter what is written is special because it comes from the writer's heart. Poetry cannot be criticized. Enjoy.

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Symphony Of My Heart

Outside, the air is filled
With the sound of passing cars.
But, inside, drowned out
By the symphony of my heart.
Cellos pouring forth their love and
Violins weeping you name.
The screams of the strings
Cannot describe this pain.

Tears swell up and drop
With each passing night.
I've got my eyes;
If only you'd give me the sight.
So I could look into yours
And sink in their glow.
To the depths of your soul;
To the beauty below.

Don't want to burn with
The memories of the past.
Can't bear to see
This torture last.
Precious love
Come back to me.
It's you I've waited
My life to see.

Rescue Me

Return to the fire,
Where the ashes continue higher.
Underground hyenas
Breath it every day
But never seem to tire.

One never really knows
Of where there is to go.
For every pillar and
Every thicket
Emits a fiery glow.

Never a wait
To burn down the chains and gate.
For you, maybe so.
But for me, this is my home
And there's no escape.


That spotlight
I caught for just a second.
It grabbed my focus.
To my vision it beckoned.

I couldn't see them.
I couldn't see you.
Blurs, smudges, muddy
Now I can't be me.


Tell me, man,
What's it like?
To live in a world
Free of all fears,
Free of harm,
And free of tears?
Rains flooed the city,
Stopping time in its place.
You go about your routine
WIth the sun on your face.
Bombs are being dropped;
AIDS is killing the nation.
Least of your concerns
On your three week vacation.

One day
The world will catch up to you
When you least expect it.
Find your fears and weaknesses;
Turn you inside out;
Make you eat your words;
Take back your actions;
Love your neighbor;
Open your eyes.
The world is turning.
You'll start to feel it.
When He doesn't come for you,
I know you'll start to feel it.

That's all folks!!

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