Wu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan, and its individual members, has saved Hip-Hop music as an art form by collectively amassing nearly 20 albums in just five years.

The Clan built itself up from an underground New York City Hip-Hop group to the internationally famed band of musical gurus they are today by consistently providing fans with revolutionary sounds and styles.

Long-time Wu-followers remember the Clan exploded onto the scene with an unusual marketing technique when compared to the flashiness of Puff Daddy.

As a symbol of solidarity, Wu-members initially wore black masks during the promotion of their first album, Wu-Tang Clan: Enter the 36 Chambers.

It was not until after the band achieved notoriety in the music industry with the hit,C.R.E.A.M., that the band revealed their true identities to the world.

Other succesful groups in the past have broken up because of internal problems and personality conflicts. Contemporary bands whose members have contributed to a premature demise include: Death Row Records, N.W.A., Soundgarden, Guns N' Roses and House of Pain.

The Wu-Tang Clan, lead by the RZA, have safeguarded the Clan's future by allowing individual band members to have solo music careers in addition to their Wu-responsibilities.

Method Man and the RZA released their last two solo projects exactly a week apart, showing they are not afraid to compete on the music charts. In fact, not only are the two artists' records competing for #1 atop the Hip-Hop charts, the RZA appears in the video for the first single, Judgement Day, off of Method Man's new release, T-2 Judgement Day.

The RZA followed Method Man's latest effort with a revolutionary sound and style on his new album, Bobby Digital.

On the Wu-Tang Clan's last project, Wu-Tang Forever, the RZA said the group's next collaborative effort will be in the year 2000. Considering the Wu-Tang Clan's history, combined with current Wu-projects and recent releases, the Wu-Tang Clan will remain a Shining Star in the Hip-Hop community in the coming millenium.

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