Social Welfare Agencies

Social Welfare Agencies in the US and around the world are at the tips of your fingers. If you're looking for employment in social work, a volunteer position, or if your looking for a helping hand, start your search here. There are social welfare agencies on local, national and international levels. Religious groups have charity organizations as well. One of these is the Catholic Church, which has a plethora of such groups.

There are many different kinds of social welfare agencies out there. There are social welfare agencies that offer an array of services, varying from help for domestic abuse situations, to health issues, to world hunger and beyond. To help you specify the area of social welfare you would like to get information from, a list of organizations follows.

An inspiration to many people in charity work is the late Mother Theresa. A story shared in the book, Mother Theresa In My Own Words, by Jose Luis Gonzalez-Balado, is an example of the kind of compassion she inspires.

"Some years ago Calcutta experienced a great shortage of sugar. One day, a boy of about four years old came to see me with his parents. They brought me a small container of sugar.

When they handed it to me the little one said to me: I have spent three days without eating any sugar. Take it. This is for your children.'

The little one loved with an intense love. He expressed it by personal sacrifice. I repeat: he was no more than three or four years old. He could hardly say my name. I did not know him I had never seen him before. Nor did I know his parents. The boy made that decision after he found out, from the grownups, about my situation."

National Agencies

"We should learn how to give. But we should not regard giving as an obligation, but a desire."
--Mother Theresa.

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