Toons, Toons and more Toons

Mature humor toons have existed for years. In the early years cartoons were primatively animated and rather prude and immature in dialog and content.

The early cartoons such as "Fritz The Cat", were little known to the main stream public and highly vulgar.

However, today mature cartoons have progressed into something entirely new. It first started with a little toon, named "The Flintstones." Although "The Flintstones" got the ball rolling, the biggest break came when "The Simpsons" busted onto the scene.

"The Simpsons," often mistaken for a children's program, has a truly adult theme with obscure references. However, it remains tame in the face of the recent upserge in popularity of cartoons.

Now, networks offer a bumper crop of mature humor cartoons. These are some of my favorite toon links: