The University of Tennessee Sports

The University of Tennessee Athletic Department offers a variety of intramural as well as intermural sports.

Football is the highlight of the University. The Football season typically sells out with in a week of ticket sales. In 1997, Coach Phillip Fulmer lead his team to the SEC Championship game and brought home the trophy. That season proved to be the winningest season in a long time. When it comes to football, the entire city of Knoxville drops everything to either attend or watch the game at home.

The second biggest sport is basketball among the UT fans, as they are called. The mens team traveled to the Final Four, but lost to the University of Florida. The women's team, the Lady Vols, came a long way this season, but lost the last game of the women's championship serious in the South Eastern Conference. Coach Pat Summit has led her Lady Vols to numerous championships and came out winners in the end.

Baseball and Softball don't get the publicity that football and basketball do, but still they deserve the recognition. Teams travel throughout the southern states competing for the ever wishing SEC Championship title that every university in the south dreams about.

The University of Tennessee sports teams are entertaining and are worth the drive to beautiful Knoxville. When and if you travel there, you will know when you are there. Nestled high up in the Great Smokey Mountains is Big Orange Country, otherwise known as the University of Tennessee, home of the best sports teams in the south.

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