Seth Green

On February 8, 1974 in Overbrook Park, Philadelphia, a star was born. The 5'4", 26 year old's name is Seth Ghessel Green, but many of you may know him as Oz, Special K, or Scott Evil.

At age 6, after appearing in a summer camp performance of "Hello Dolly" Seth knew that he wanted to be an actor and enrolled in lessons. His uncle, a casting director, was able to help him land small jobs on television and in commercials.

Seth filmed his first movie "The Hotel New Hampshire"starring Rob Lowe at age 10. At age 12 Seth was casted for his first lead roll in Woody Allen's "Radio Days".

Since 1984 Seth has appeared in 29 films and has made guest appearances on seven television shows since 1993 including Mad About You and The X Files.

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