Dennis Rodman

Loud, Attention-getter, Crazy. These are the words to describe one of the most charismatic players in the NBA in the 90's. His name is Dennis Rodman.

Rodman has become a player that no team wants, and no team can afford to have. His loud antics, and flashy attitude has given him more claim as an arrogant scene stealer than a basketball player, which he has been for 11 years.

Rodman started his career with the Detroit Pistons and proved to be a great defensive player, and was crowned rebounding champion. Not much of an offensive contributor to the team, Rodman chose to work on his perfect domain, rebounding.

Soon to follow his years with the Pistons was the personal heartache which changed his live as all of America saw him. The Pistons were know as the Bad Boys, led by his highness, Dennis Rodman. Their biggest foe, the Bulls. After a season of troubles, a trade sent him to the San Antonio Spurs, bad boy was no longer the word to describe him.

With the start of training camp, Rodman stepped on the scene as the real life Demolition Man, after the evil character of the movie with the same name. Tattoos adorned his body and trouble was here for the NBA, but not for long. The fans in San Antonio didnít find his act amusing and his escapades with the coach, missing practices, and fiery words to the media helped get him out of San Antonio. Off to Chicago he went, where glory was ahead, for a short time.

In Chicago, Rodman made himself a media favorite, and helped the Bulls win three championships in a row. Off the court, Rodman was leading the life of a Hollywood wannabe, with few problems on the court, he was on his best behavior. In three short seasons Rodman made his name marketable, succeeded in basketball, and made some fans hate him. Of course, Rodman still was a bully on the court, and managed to get himself ejected from a few games. The end of the season was the last that he would play a full season, and be a Chicago Bull. He was released, and Dennis found himself jobless, and trying to find a team that would want him. The Los Angeles Lakes took a chance but soon after kicked him off their team. As well did the Dallas Mavericks.

The Rodman career as a pro basketball player is over.

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