NOFX has been spewing punk (among other things) since 1984, which makes the band older than most of their fans.

NOFX just released their 12th EP called The Decline. Being only one 18 minute song, its definitely a change of pace from their usual songs. Fat Mike said, "We got the idea from subhumans, not rush. Why an 18 minute song? Just to do something different. We've done enough short songs, time for a long one."

It's a relief to have a new release on the shelves after their latest full length album, So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes, released in '97, was rumored to be their last. The title itself and many titles and lyrics of the songs on the album express lack of enthusiasm for what used to be fun (i.e. "Desperation's Gone" and "All Outta Angst").

NOFX also has another full-length album coming out some time in spring of this year.

NorthernNotes from Northern Illinois University

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