Lacey Chabert's ("Party of Five") Doll House

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to Lacey

As Claudia Salinger, Lacey Chabert gets no respect around the "Party of Five" house.

Neve Campbell is always busy screaming her lungs off, Jennifer Love Hewitt is quick to follow in Neve's bloody footsteps and Scott Wolf's Bailey is always precoccupied with his petty little drinking problem.

Through it all, there's tiny Claudia--so tiny, so precious, so mature--really keeping the household in order, watching over baby Salinger and using her preparing her poutly lips to be one day used to their full potential.

No, Lacy Chabert doesn't get any respect... yet.

That will change quickly, however. Chabert, far and away the most attractive member of the "Pary of Five" crew (but don't get any ideas, guys--she's only 15) is scheduled to make a big name for herself this year with some high-end roles.

Becoming a movie starlett

Chabert's biggest role will be as Penny Robinson in the upcoming film adaption of "Lost in Space." She will also be starring in "The Wild Thornberries," an upcoming Nickelodeon Saturday morning program.

Some impressive projects, and to top those off Chabert will be lending her voice to "The Lion King II." Kids at home will then be able to roar along with their new favorite movie star.

Chabert has gained some attention from the press already, though, as she had a profile in a recent episode of TV Guide.

Who watches?

Sure that's a lot of hype, so I must have something to back it all up. Well, surprise, I don't! I've never even watched an entire episode of "Party of Five." (If you want to read things written by someone who does watch the show, however, check out these Unabomber-esque episode manifestos) I have seen snippets of the show, however, and while all the other characters are off getting depressed with each other and their various significant others, there's little Claudia getting depressed and maltreated all by her lonesome. Chabert is the most beautiful beautiful person on a show full of beautiful people, but there's something in her eyes that says she will be something more.

Back to the future

So, will Lacy Chabert be the wave of the future? I'm betting she will, and we'll be able to say for sure in the near future.

Still not satisfied? Here's how you can get in touch with Chabert.

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