The Hottest Band In The World KISS

With the 1996-97 worldwide tour over, KISS is back in the studio recording a new album with the four original members and has just released "Carnival Of Souls-The Final Sessions" which includes songs from their former band, (Bruce Kulick, and Erik Singer).

This album has been on the shelf for two years due to band changes but has finally been released. The songs on this album show a change in direction for the band to a more grunge/alternative sound.

Now that the original members are back together, (Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss) they have grossed the highest sales for the year in concert tickets.

Kiss would like to have a new album out by early spring and to be on the road in the summer. A new video will be out in a couple of months which shows how everything happened leading up to the reunion of the band.

Kiss has made their mark in the history books once again as the hottest band in the world. For more information on Kiss check out some of these web sites.

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