Andy Kaufman

Even though Andy Kaufman has been dead for over a decade, he still has legions of fans who cannot determine whether he was mad or a genius of a stage performer.

When thinking of comedy, many don't consider wrestling women, reading the "Great Gatsby" word for word, or portraying a washed-up lounge performer as being funny. Andy Kaufman blurred the lines of comedy by making his audience think that what he was doing was truly funny. Sometimes the audience members would be the butt of the joke and they wouldn't even know it.

In the short movie "I'm From Hollywood," which can be seen on Comedy Central almost every month, Andy plays the villian in the long-running Kaufman vs. Jerry Lawler feud. For info on Kaufman vs. Lawler go to Andy Kaufman Home Page Table of Contents and click on the timeline. During the movie, Kaufman antagonizes Lawler and the entire state of Tennessee while sitting pooliside in California. The acting by Kaufman is very camp and deliberately offensive. The movie also uses footage of Tennessee residents at the wrestling event and at home taking Kaufman seriously. The entire movie was a joke on the people of Tennessee and they fell right into the joke.

Andy Kaufman has pulled many more strange and funny antics, such as when Kaufman purposely ruined a live television show called "Friday's." Read the story at Andy Kaufman Hosts Fridays. An extensive and insightful look at the remaining days of Kaufman could be found at The Last(?) Days of Andy Kaufman. To get anything that you would need to know in general about Andy Kaufman, go to The Andy Kaufman Home Page.

A movie titled "Man on the Moon" is being filmed and is planned for a summer 1999 release. It stars Jim Carrey and it should even further popularize Andy Kaufman's legend. Coming Attractions has the inside scoop of the movie, which has recently finished filming.

Some other sites that have to do with Andy Kaufman and another web page that is also a bit on the absurd side are Who 2: Andy Kaufman Profile, The Kaufman Chronicles and http://members.tripod.c...umpkinButt/index-2.html.

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