Formula 1

Formula 1 racing is the third most-watched spectator sport in the world, right behind soccer and the Summer Olympics.

Formula 1 racing is an open-wheel vehicle event. Currently there are sixteen races during the season. The races are held in Canada, South America, Asia, Europe and now the United States. The Formula 1 officials hope to tap into the lucrative American market.

After nine years, Formula 1 will return to American soil. The race will be held on September 24, 2000. September 22 and 23 are qualifying dates. The best times from both days will determine the pole position on September 24.

There are eleven teams that race. Each team has two cars. The teams that race are McLaren, British American Racing, Ferrari, Jordan, Williams, Bennetton, Sauber, Prost, Jaguar, TRW Arrows and Minardi.

NorthernNotes from Northern Illinois University

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