Jimmy Buffet

If you're the type of person that enjoys a sunny afternoon of fishing followed by a night of drinking and reminiscing, you'll most likely enjoy the songs and books of Jimmy Buffet.

Buffet is probably most recognized as the singer/songwriter of the classic tune"Margaritaville." His song lyrics often times evoke images of tropical paradises and good-times with friends. Buffet has recorded over thirty albums and most of them can be found in any record store. His greatest hits album, Songs You Know by Heart, is a good album for any beginning-listener.

In addition to recording more than thirty albums, Buffet has also written three bestselling books. Like his songs, Buffet's books are filled with stories that are best enjoyed with a drink in hand. His Tales From Margaritaville is a must read for anyone who enjoys short stories.

Buffet's songs and books are an interesting, exciting, insightful, funny and an all-around- good-time for many. His legions of fans even have a name for themselves, Parrotheads.

NorthernNotes from Northern Illinois University

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