Buckethead Unmasked

They say Buckethead, a guitarist who wears a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket atop his head and sports a Michael Meyer-type mask, was born in a chicken coop and raised by chickens.

Whether you believe this to be true, one thing is certain: Buckethead is no chicken when it comes to music.

But, see for yourself as you enjoy the rides in Bucketheadland. Or, if you like games, see what's behind the mask.

Aaahh, but beware of impersonators though. Stay clear of all those fake buckets such as the bucketheads and whatnot. Those are impostors who have taken the name of the Bucket and used it as their own.

Why don't you take a look for yourself at what the man behind the mask is all about? Don't be scarred, I mean scared though. It's not like the Bucket is going to attack you with a chainsaw or anything. Buckethead is a peaceful, elusive guitarist, who loves gory movies and Disneyland. In fact, one of his favorite musicians is Michael Jackson.

In addition, Buckethead has many friends he'd like you to meet. After all, Buckethead is exactly the type of person you want to bring home to your parents!

Always keep in mind though: these are not sick men.

They just like to have fun in Bucketheadland, the official one, that is.

Oh, you want to know if this guy can actually play.

If you have sound capabilities, then lend an ear.

Otherwise, just imagine a train as it whizzes by a railroad crossing. Hear it as it roars past, disturbing the stillness surrounding it. Not only is that how loud this guy rocks, but multiply the speed of the train by 30 times, and that is how fast he can play.

Now imagine yourself submersed in water, just below the surface; sunshine strikes everything underneath. That is how graceful Buckethead can be.

As you delve into Bucketheadland, do not be afraid of Death. Rather, embrace it, for it will lead you to better places. And if you go into a Colma, err, coma, know that you are safe, and eventually, will come out.

Indulge yourself in Arcana, for the Day of the Robot is near.

And if you want to make Buckethead really happy, just bring him some chocolate ... or mutated parts if you'd like. He collects those too. Especially hands. Oh yeah, hands.

Buckethead, being the fastest guitarist this side of the gallaxy, uses a plastic hand to play his speed-defying licks.

And no, Bucket is not dumb. He was just raised by chickens: remember?

Other rides in Bucketheadland

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Well, this concludes your ride through Buckethead's world. (If you got through it, of course.) Hope to play with you again real soon! And don't let those chickens bother you next time! Bring gloves, too!

NorthernNotes from Northern Illinois University

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