UFOs, Aliens and Alien Abductions

Most everybody has heard of the alien abduction phenomenon. Supposedly, little grey men from the nether regions of the universe have been visiting the earth for centuries. Sometimes, the story goes, they abduct human beings.

These aliens allegedly fly around in UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects. UFOs can be seen just about anywhere in the world, even in Wisconsin.

If these aliens really do exist, what exactly do they want? Why do they abduct human beings? Check out an interview with a space alien.

Supposedly, when one is abducted by aliens, one is only able to remember the experience in bits and pieces, if at all. So, how are you to know if you have been abducted? It might be a good idea to take "the abduction quiz."

There are many famous accounts of alien abduction. From " Close Encounters of the Third Kind" to "Fire in the Sky," the alien abduction experience is ingrained in our modern culture.

The UFO and alien abduction phenomena elicit different responses from different people. Some people are terrified of aliens, while others wish that aliens would swoop down and abduct them. Alien abduction insurance is available for a nominal fee.

Sometimes, aliens leave little souvenirs behind. For example, they might leave implants in the bodies of abductees. When the aliens want to make a grand showing, however, some believe that they leave behind crop circles.

The general story is that the aliens who pilot UFOs are from an extremely advanced race, with far greater intelligence than we mere humans possess. Nonetheless, aliens have been known to crash from time to time. Maybe they're "only human," after all.

So what does a living, breathing alien being look like? Pretty similar to a dead one, most likely.

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