Decision '96
Net at least provides political humor

By Paul Chavez, MSNBC, 1996

Political humor, at least, is alive and well on the Internet.
Avi Bass, a professor of journalism at Northern Illinois University, said his students found the candidates’ [1996] regular home pages “stilted and boring and not very up to date.”
“Most of the interesting things were by the people making fun of the candidates,” Bass said. ...
“Most of these sites are creative and come out nice,” Bass said. “There’s good artwork and good interactivity. The fun stuff is where the action is.”
[ ... ] expects politicians to be a lot more savvy four years from now.
They already have some catching up to do. Professor Avi Bass of Northern Illinois University has a headstart on the field. He’s already maintaining the White House 2000 site on the World Wide Web.
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