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    "Newswriting Step by Step," 2012.

    Both a self-tutorial and a ready-reference hand-book for classes or newspaper staff members. Clear guidelines for writing news stories, features, opinion and news releases. Created by a journalism professor. Optional online exercises at J-Skills. Revised and renamed. First published as "The Journalism QuickGuide" in 2002.

    A Handbook 1
        A self-tutorial or a classroom text

    News Tasks 2
        Story Idea, Attribution, Reader Interest, Work Ethics

    Writing News, Sports, PR and Opinion 4 [SAMPLE]   [Web Site]
        Writing as a Journalist, Issues, Writing with a Viewpoint

    Reporting 10   [Interviewing Web Site]
        Backgrounding, Preparing, Interving

    Bias Patrol 14
        Spin Doctors, Reporter Intensity, Defamation

    Rewriting 16   [Headline Writing Web Site]
        Self-Editing, Getting Approvals, Copyediting Marks, Headline Writing

    Technical Tips 20
        Work, Keyboard, Save, Print, Share, Transmit

    Legal Brief 22
        Censorship, Editorial Judgment, Libel, Plagiarism

    Percentages 24
        Markups, Discounts, Real Estate Taxes

    Companion Web Site 25 [J-skills: Companion Web Site]
        A Modular Collection of Exercises

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    "Grammar Repair: Easy Fixes for Common Errors,"
          a new handbook on grammar and stylebook issues, 2014. Information

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