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TO Grammar Repair



    # 1. Fun. [10 min.] "Test of the Emergency Grammar System."

    The first eight questions should be familiar. But the last two have surprising twists. -
    (BTW, the University of Oregon is the home of the Ducks.)

    # 2. Nit-pick. [24 min.] National Punctuation Day

    Detailed rules for 12 punctuation marks.

    # 3. Exercises [2-3 hours] Just these in this order:

    31. Subject-Verb Agreement   [Quiz numbers may change.]
    32. Subject-Verb Agreement II   [ agreement]
    107. Which, That and Who   [ that/which  who/whom]

    83. Comma Usage [This exercise doesn't eat serial commas.]
    85. Punctuation [This exercise uses semi-colons to repair comma splices. Journalists
    often separate related sentences into two sentences with a period and capital letter.]

    94. Compound Nouns [Move to the next response with "tab."]   [ compound modifiers]
    [Journalism deviates from this exercise's answers for these two items:
    vice president and a coal-black sky. "Rat race" is a noun phrase.]

    78. Modifier Placement   [ placement   First click on the quiz number for details.]
    118. Parallel Structures   [ series   First click on the quiz number for details.]
    Try other quizzes, such as 93. Basic Mechanics and 120. Parallelism III.

    Guide to Grammar and Writing (Capital Community College,
    Hartford, Conn.)

    #4. Ready? [20 min.] The Grammar Repair Grammar Quiz.

    #5. Grammar and Stylebook exercises. [fee]

    #6. More Practice. [?? min.]

    #7. Ready? [15 min.] The Grammar Repair Stylebook Quiz.