Celebrities and the merely famous

This is a homepage with information about celebrities that you may or may not care about.

My personal favorite celebrity home page is Jimmy Buffet's. Some of you may know that this is his last tour scheduled and each concert date this summer is listed. Along with other Buffet facts.

  • Jimmy Buffett Web Page

    Another musician, Alanis Morrisette, does not yet have a home page. But you can e-mail her at

    Also, check out the link featuring a complete list of e-mail addresses for anyone even slightly famous. Not to mention a page featuring maps showing where the celebrities live.

  • Addresses and Maps to Homes of Hollywood Stars
  • How To Contact A Celebrity
  • Martha's Celebrity E-Mail Compilation

    Some people may find this last link offensive, but I assure you there is nothing too offensive there.

  • Dead Celebrities Page

    NorthernNotes from Northern Illinois University

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