Grant team:

Investigators and Lead Grant Staff (Steering Committee):

  • Chris McCord--Principal investigator (Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Brianno Coller--Co-principal investigator (Professor, Mechanical Engineering)
  • Amy Levin--Co-principal investigator (Chair, English)
  • Lesley Rigg--Co-principal investigator (Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences)
  • Jeff Reynolds--Project data manager (Director, Operations Analysis & Reporting)

Other personnel:


Advisory committee members:

  • Deborah Haliczer (Director of Employee Relations, Human Resource Services)
  • Andrew Krmenec (Chair, Department of Geography)
  • Reed Scherer (Professor, Geology and Environmental Geoscience)
  • Dennis Brown (Associate Professor, Department of Physics)
  • Richard Blecksmith (Professor, Department of Mathematics)
  • Chong Zheng (Professor, Department of Chemistry)
  • Patricia Vary (Retired Professor, Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Kathi Davis (Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science)
  • Clifford Mirman (Chair, Department of Technology)
  • Gary Chen (Associate Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering)
  • Mansour Tahernezadi (Associate Dean, College of Engineering & Engineering Technology)