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The faculty and students of the School of Music teach and perform for global audiences during their real and virtual travels. Most recently, students have performed by invitation in Canada, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Trinidad, and England, and weekly they share their live performances via high definition webcasts with all fifty states and more than three dozen countries on five continents. Acclaimed artist faculty such as the Avalon String Quartet and extraordinary guest artists are a fundamental component of the student experience both in person and via the school's national Internet2 leadership activities in the musical arts.

Many of our faculty are engaged in research in a variety of fields -- music education (vocal health, world music pedagogy), music history (French music, Baroque music of Spain), music theory (theory pedagogy), world music, and recording -- and are active, published composers and arrangers. Our graduates in music education teach throughout the region and have won national recognition in teaching. Graduates in performance and other fields have earned local, regional, and national notice as well, from Fulbright awards and published compositions to recordings and performances with notable names in their fields.

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