• Peter Van Ael, Webpage, Chair, Museum Studies Committee; Coordinator, Olson Gallery, M.A., Museum Science, Texas Tech University; M.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago; M.A., Art History, Webster University. Member of the Board of Directors, Illinois Association of Museums.  

  • Stanley Arnold, Webpage, Assistant Professor, History
  • Sinclair Bell, Webpage, Assistant Professor, School of Art, Northern Illinois University
  • Josephine Burke, Director, NIU Art Museum, M.A., Northern Illinois University
  • Robert Carter, Webpage, Instructor, Teaching & Learning; Curator, Blackwell History of Education Museum, Ed.D.
  • Laura Mcdowell Hopper, Curator, The Anthropology Museum, NIU, MA Public History, Loyola University Chicago
  • Amy K. Levin, Webpage,  Professor, Women's Studies & English, Ph.D., City University of New York
  • Peter Olson, Assistant Director, NIU Art Museum, M.F.A., Northern Illinois University
  • Catherine Raymond, Webpage, Associate Professor, Art History; Director, Center of Burma Studies, Ph.D., La Sorbonne Paris
  • Jennifer Kirker Priest, Director, The Anthropology Museum, NIU, M.A., The Pennsylvania State University

Visiting Faculty

  • Alex A. Aubry, Curatorial Director, Al Nahda/Art of Heritage Collection of Saudi Arabian Traditional Arts, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Sandy Denninger, Coordinator and Curator, Elk Grove Historical Museum, Elk Grove Village.
  • David Oberg, Executive Director, Grayslake Heritage Center; past president, Illinois Association of Museums.
  • Brian Reis, Executive Director, Ellwood House Museum, DeKalb.
  • Pamela Rohleder, Director, Bartlett History Museum & Bartlett Depot Museum, President, Kane DuPage Regional Museum Association. Member, Board of Directors, Illinois Association of Museums.