Josef Albers, Formulation: Articulation

German born Josef Albers is known not only as an artist, but also as a teacher, writer, and theorist. His novel concepts on artistic production and teaching brought much to the art world. This exhibition highlights Albers' major bodies of work from Formulation: Articulation, a two volume portfolio published in 1972 consisting of samples of work from Albers' Bauhaus years to his Homage to the Square series (1920-1960). These works exemplify many of his theories of color and method, focusing on recurrent themes of the square, space, line, curve and color.




Special Programming

Beverly Serrell, School of Art Visiting Scholar

Assessing Excellence in Museum Exhibitions

"Beverly Serrell has served the museum community since 1979 as a consultant, workshop leader, speaker, and author on topics related to the conception, development, and evaluation of exhibitions of all kinds and sizes. Before that, she was curator of education at Shedd Aquarium for eight years. She likes rock and roll, spicy foods, and fireworks. For more information, please visit"

(Taken from the about the author page of her book Judging Exhibitions: A Framework for Assessing Excellence.)