Examining AudubonExamining Audubon

Spring 2008

Examining Audubon introduces visitors to the life and travels of John James Audubon, his contributions to the fields of ornithology and ecology, and the commercialization of his illustrations after his death. His documentation of the birds and mammals of North America was an artistic breakthrough; capturing naturalistic poses and behaviors accurate to the species. His images and supplemental text were a great benefit to science during a time when knowledge of the natural world was largely disseminated by visual resources. Ultimately, John James Audubon created a bridge between art and science that contributed to the fields of ornithology, ecology, and conservation.

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Field Trips

IAM award photoThe group went on a field trip to The Field Museum and the Joel Oppenheimer Conservation and Restoration Facility. They were able to see the facilities where specimens and pieces are kept as well as maintained.

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IAM Award

This exhibition received the Illinois Association of Museums Superior Achievement Award in the Exhibits Category. Read more >  


Programming & Special Reception

The class was able to arrange a special program for the reception. Brian Ellis, a storyteller and author, was invited to portray John James Audubon for the Opening Reception. Read more about Brian Ellis and his Audubon performances.


Reception programming


Visiting Scholar

Joy Bivens, Curator of the Chicago History Museum, was invited as part of the Visiting Scholars Program to give a lecture on museum studies and critique the exhibition.

Joy Bivens

Joy Bivens

Joy Bivens