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Fall 2014:

Brewing Identity: The Art of Craft Beer
This exhibition highlights select craft breweries from the Midwestern United States. These breweries were chosen for their attention to detail beyond the taste of the beer. With the art and design of their beer labels and brewery accouterment, an identity is created that allows consumers to appreciate an immersive beer experience.

American craft breweries are rooted in the tradition of historic brewing styles while experimenting with innovative ingredients. Attention to detail is prudent for these small companies. Wile taste is what ultimately establishes a loyal customer base; label design is what brings bottles from the store shelf into the home. The use of beer labels today is more than a means of advertising, it is a preferred way to communicate and establish a brand identity

Using creative designs that complement each unique flavor distinguishes craft breweries from larger distributors. The label art is often based on humorous stories behind their beer names or historic local events. Distributing on a small scale affords these breweries the time and means to devote to hiring artists with varying design styles.

Extending beyond the label, objects like tap handles, glasses, bottle caps, and merchandising carry the designs as well, creating a cohesive and highly recognizable brand in a niche market. Craft breweries strive to offer their customers an unparalleled experience through their products as well as an opportunity to support local artists.

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Fall 2013:

“Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti” investigates the pervasiveness of graffiti in contemporary society, and considers both its artistic merit and transgressive nature. Graffiti defaces public and private property, but it is also found in some of the world’s most prestigious art galleries. While community officials battle against it, community organizers encourage it. Cities tighten their vandalism laws, yet companies glorify graffiti in their marketing campaigns. This blending of street, gallery, and pop culture aesthetics forces us to re-examine the definition of graffiti, which leads to this exhibition’s ultimate question: in the ever-evolving landscape of modern graffiti, is this form of expression an art or a crime?

Fall 2011

The Green Scale
The Green Scale examines the successes, shortcomings, and impact of the green movement on our global village and weighs in on current green practices such as recycling, landfill mining, and use of renewable energy. Over time, we discover that being green does not always measure up as science and standards evolve.

Fall 2010

Tattoo: An American Evolution

Fall 2009

Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi:
History of and Advertising Influence on American Consumer Culture

Fall 2008

Zombies! The Evolution of the Zombie in Visual Media


Merkeyna Coif Boutique

Fall 2007

Are You Going to Eat That?