Course Descriptions

ART 565 Intro to Museum Studies
Survey of the history and philosophy of museums and museum typology. Overview of the purposes, structure, and operations of museums with attention to current issues and practices relating to ethics, collections, exhibitions, and education. Lectures, discussion, museum field trips, museum practicum. Research project.

ANTH 562 Collections Management
Lectures and practical experience in various aspects of museum work; design and construction of museum exhibits in anthropology. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 semester hours.

ART 654 - Museum Administration
Theory and practice of museum administration focusing on governance, legal issues, fund raising, financial and personnel management, planning, public relations, security, and physical facilities. Lectures, case studies, and discussion.

ART 655 Curatorial Practice
Philosophy, practices, and issues involved in acquisition and care of collections, including collection policy, registration and cataloging methods, documentation/research of collections, conservation, and ethics. Lectures, case studies, museum visits, and museum practicum.

ART 656 - Museum Exhibitions and Interpretation
Theory and practices of exhibition planning, design, installation, and evaluation with emphasis on the interpretative function of exhibitions through labels, brochures, AV, and interactive devices. Lectures, practicum, exhibit critiques, class projects, and museum visits. Culminates in an exhibition by the class in an NIU gallery/museum.

TLCI 657 - Museum Education
History, philosophy, and practice of museum education. Study and practical application through class projects and practicum of planning and implementing public programming, tour techniques, museum-school services, and development and evaluation of educational materials and outreach programs. Lectures, individual projects, observation in museums, and practicum.

ART 658 Preventive Conservation Seminar
For new and current museum professionals, introduction to preventive conservation as a holistic doctrine for the 21st century museum environment. Lecture and discussion, focus on the necessity for the museum to adopt the preventive conservation doctrine, address preventive conservation strategies, and discuss approaches to permanently and positively involve all museum workers in the process. This course does not teach conservation theory and/or practice.

HIST 592 - Introduction to Public History
Introduction to the practical application of historical knowledge in such areas as historic preservation, manuscript and archival management, editing, genealogy and family history, oral history, and museum work.

WOMS 625X - Museums: Gender, Race, and Class
Crosslisted as ART 625. Interdisciplinary, multicultural study of museum theory and practice as it pertains to diversity of race, class, and gender. A case study approach will be used.

ETT 531 Visual Literacy
Exploration of the historical background, conceptual base, and research involved in visual literacy. Review of the use and design of various instructional media communications and develop an understanding of the interpretation and creation of visual images in education.